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For Spring 2021:

With the new Spring 2021 semester underway, we've made some improvements and enhancements to the Kaltura video management platform to further provide reliability and ease of use to our faculty and students.

Express CaptureThe ability to record a simple video or audio recording to provide feedback, or making introduction videos is critical in this new era. Express Capture provides the ability to do just that, record and upload directly within your modern web browser without the need to download additional software. 

Learn more about how to use Express Capture to innovate your teaching.
The much awaited mobile app allows both instructors and students to record and upload media directly with a single device with ease.

The new mobile app is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Learn more about how to download and install the app, how to upload video and how to upload audio on your mobile device.
Mobile App
Faster ProcessingWith almost all faculty, staff, and students online, our usage of video have increased more than 60x since pre-pandemic.

We know it has been frustrating to wait for media to process. Learning from previous semesters data, we have optimized Kaltura to process only certain flavours of media that are more commonly used. This allows for faster processing times.

There is no impact on the end-user, you will likely notice videos processing faster than previous semesters. 

For Fall 2020:

We've made some recent updates to the Kaltura video management platform for Fall 2020 and here's some of the changes you will expect to see. 

CaptioningThe ability to add auto-machined captions and transcripts to your videos is now available.

Captioned videos provide a more equitable viewing experience for all learners. Captioning videos results in deeper comprehension and retention of materials, and the combination of video and on-screen text improves students focus. 

Learn more about how to get FREE auto-captioned videos. 
Video quizzes enable you to engage with your learners by embedding questions directly into your videos. 

Video quizzes add value to your formative assessments, allowing you to provide feedback to your learners along the way. 

Learn more about how to create a Kaltura video quiz. Also, check for upcoming workshops on how to integrate Kaltura video quizzes in your course.
video quiz
user interfaceThere will be user interface improvements to make navigating your media more intuitive. 
Having analytics will allow you to make decisions around what content to use more of or less of, which part of your video was most engaging or least engaging. Knowing this data will allow you to optimize your content to  engage your learners better.

More details are coming soon.
video analytics
There will be fixes to Kaltura Capture (your desktop recorder tool).

If you are using Kaltura Capture on your device, it will auto-upgrade to the latest version (4.2.83) when the app is running and idle.