The Kaltura mobile app allows you to browse your media, record media, and upload media directly from your smartphone and/or tablet with ease. It is available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Please ensure you have the Kaltura mobile app installed before proceeding this tutorial. The tutorials below will walk-through how to upload audio using the mobile app.

Video Tutorial (based on iPhone/iOS)

Step-by-Step Instructions (based on Android)

  1. Open the native Voice Recorder app on your Android phone if available. Otherwise, download one from Google Play store. Record your audio using the voice recorder.Record audio
  2. Once you finish recording, tap Share.
    Share audio recording
  3. Select BCNET KMS Go from the Share list.
    Select BCNET KMS Go
  4. The recording will open in the BCNET KMS Go app. You may wish to trim the beginning and/or end of your clip by dragging the blue bars.Then click Next.

  5. Before uploading, you must enter a title. Then tap Upload to add it to Kaltura My Media.
    Enter a title and then upload