With Kaltura Express Capture instructors can make video/audio recordings directly on the web browser. It doesn't replace Kaltura Capture, as it doesn't have the ability to record your screen (screencast). Express Capture is most useful for making short videos to provide audio/video feedback, a quick video/audio introduction, or other simple recordings that do not require your screen.

Note: Safari is not a supported web browser for Kaltura Express Capture. 

Video Tutorial

Step-by-Step instructions

1) Open My Media from the left-side pane in Moodle (under the hamburger button).

2) Click on "Add New" and select "Express Capture" from the list.

3) The first time you launch Express Capture, you should see a pop-up window. Click "Allow." 

4) By default, both camera and audio should be enabled. If you have more than one source, ensure you select the right source.

5) Click the red icon to start the recording (recording starts after the countdown from 3).

6) Click the stop icon once done.

7) Click "Use This" if you wish to proceed with your recording and upload it to My Media. Otherwise, you can record it again by clicking on "Record Again".

8) It will show you the progress of recording being uploaded to My Media. You should see the status: "Upload Completed." 

Note: It can take several minutes to upload depending on the length of the video and your Internet speed.

9) You can change the name, add a description, include tags (which will help you locate your content easily), and set the publishing status.

10) Once done, click "Save."

11) You can view your recording under My Media.