Video quizzes enable you to engage with your learners by embedding questions directly into a video. The quiz creator can also monitor video's impact, which increases engagement, enables effective measurement, and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes. 

Video quizzes are created and edited using the Kaltura video editing tool quiz creator. The quiz creator enables you to create an unlimited number of multiple choice questions with 2-4 optional answers per question. It also provides you the option to allow users to download the questions before taking the quiz, request hints regarding quiz question answers, receive explanations regarding correct or incorrect answers, skip questions and return later to answer them. 

It can be used as a great formative assessment. Users can watch media segments multiple times in preparation for answering questions; and receive feedback, correct answers, and in-depth explanations when completing questions.

Watch these brief video to learn how to use the Kaltura video quiz editor & different question types to support your learners.

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