This has been a long awaited feature that we're excited to announce! Captioning your videos help your learners improve comprehension of the materials, draw closer attention to, and memory of the video. They are especially useful for non-native learners, and those who have accessibility needs. The ability to caption your videos is a shift to a model of universal design for learning and inclusion. This is a model that explores how we can benefit students by being more intentional and accessible in our course design. 

The added ability to easily caption your videos within Kaltura allows all learners to engage equally. Machined captioning takes your video and feeds it to a machine that will automatically transcribe your video into captions without the need of a human with a turnaround time of about 30 minutes. Its accuracy is 75-80% accurate based on variants. You can also edit the captions directly within Kaltura using the caption editor.

Please note: When a request for media captioning is submitted below, a copy of the media file is made on servers in the United States.  This is for temporary, machine-to-machine, processing only; once the caption file is completed the media copy is immediately deleted from the US server.  Note: it may be possible for the media copy to be accessed by a person during this process.

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Select the video that you wish to caption in My Media
    (Only owners of video will be able to request captioning for their videos.)

  2. Click on Actions > select "Captions"click on Caption
  3. Read the privacy notice and if you agree to it, click on Submit to send your video for auto-captioning. Submit for caption
  4. Once the request has been submitted, you will find a status displayed in Captions requests. The turnaround time is approximately 30 minutes for auto-captioning. Once completed, the status will change from Pending to Completed. (You may need to refresh your screen). 
    Status window
  5. You will notice a "cc" button on the player. Users can click on it to enable the caption on your video. As well, you will see a transcript of the caption file below the player. (The transcript is both downloadable and printable.)
    closed caption button and transcript