This tutorial will show you how to upload a video/audio file to your Kaltura My Media in Moodle.

Note: Uploading your videos/audio files via Kaltura My Media will not be limited by Moodle's 100MB limit. In fact, storage in My Media is unlimited and will take most (if not all) common media file types.

  1. After logging into Moodle (courses.kpu.ca), expand the side menu bar and click on "My Media".
  2. Click on Add New then Media Upload.
  3. Proceed to upload your media by drag-and-drop or click on the Choose a file to upload button and this will bring up the file picker. 
  4. Then follow the prompt on screen to proceed with upload. 
  5. Once uploaded, go back to My Media and you will find your video either processing or uploaded to your My Media.

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