Kaltura My Media is a space that allows you to create, edit, and share video and audio files directly in your Moodle site (courses.kpu.ca) or on our front portal (media.kpu.ca).

Below are a list of frequently asked questions related to Kaltura My Media.

What can I do with My Media?

From the My Media page, you can use your webcam to create screen-casts, videos, audio recordings, and presentations. These can be further enhanced in My Media with the ability to add titles, credits, and even questions to create a video quiz.

Who has access to Kaltura?

Kaltura is accessible by all current KPU faculty, staff and students. 

How do I access My Media?

My Media in Moodle can be accessible via left-navigation menu. Instructions here.

Is there a storage limit?

All files uploaded and stored in My Media does not have an upload limit (that's right, Moodle's 100MB storage limit does not apply). However, educational videos is optimal at 6 minutes for engagement and recommended not to exceed 40 minutes. 

What file types can I upload?

Any common media file types will be accepted. If you have questions about a particular file type, try uploading it and see if it'll upload. If not, contact the IT Service Desk and request to see if the file type can be added.

Do I have access to my files after the semester ends?

You have access to all the media files in your My Media after the semester ends. We do not archive any media files, and you have access to them anytime.

What are some other advantages to using Kaltura My Media?

  • My Media stores content in a user's personal library, this allows you to share it across multiple sites while only needing to upload it once.
  • My media allows users to upload media without having to use external video-hosting services, removing the possibility of ads appearing on your content, or having to navigate off the course page.
  • Anything you upload and store in My Media is private to you until it is shared. 
  • All students and instructors have access to Kaltura My Media. 
  • It is safe and secure, 100% FIOPPA compliant. 

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