This article will provide instructions on how to upload and embed/share audio and video files directly from your My Media library in Courses/Trades/Continue Moodle sites.

  • Media can be shared and embedded in any text editor box.
  • This includes forum discussion posts, pages, book chapters, etc.

Find the Media Button in the Text Editor

1. Find and click the Embed Media button in any Moodle activity text editor.

click on embed media button

  • This will bring you to your My Media library, from here you will be able to add recorded media from your computer, or Kaltura Capture desktop recorder.

Uploading Media from your Computer

(Jump to the section "Selecting Media to Embed" below, if the content is already in your My Media library).

2. On the top right, click Add New, and select Media Upload from the drop-down menu.

upload media

3.  Click Choose a file to upload or drag and drop your media in the window.

  • Choose a name for your video and a description if needed. Options to further customize your media are detailed below, but are not necessary to upload your video.

  • Tags can be added to make it easier to find your media. It is recommended to use your course name and section number for tags. 

  • A Publishing Schedule can be set to allow your media to only be available during that specific time frame, wherever it has been posted.

4. When you are finished with the initial setup for your media, click the Save and embed button. You will then be given a preview of your media, click Embed to post it.

  • Your video will now be uploaded into your My Media gallery and an embed link will be created in your text editor. Scroll to the bottom of your Moodle activity and click Save when you are ready to post your media.

NOTE: New videos may take some time to process. The time it takes depends on the quality and length of the video; higher quality and longer recordings will increase the process time. Videos can be embedded before it has finished processing. These videos will display the message "Error: No source video was found - Entry in process", but this error will automatically stop once the video processing has completed.

Selecting Media to Embed from My Media

5. In the chosen activity, click the Embed Media button to open your My Media library, find the media you want to embed, click the Select button to choose the size of the video player window that will be embedded.


6. Confirm the preview and click the Embed button, then Save and Display your changes for the activity.

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