You can upload videos located in your Kaltura My Media folder directly into your Moodle course's Media Gallery. These instructions apply to students in your course as well.

Note: Once your media is published inside the course media gallery, it is visible to students. Videos uploaded to the Course Media Gallery is NOT backed up in the Moodle backup process and will need to be added again in a new course.

Note: Your course media gallery is not included in Moodle course backups. Any videos inside the course media gallery is unique to that course and will need to be re-added once restored into a new Moodle course.

Step-by-step instructions

1. To begin adding a video, enter your course and click the Media Gallery button near the bottom of your navigation menu.

(Note: If your navigation menu is not present, click the burger icon located in the top-left corner.

2. From your Moodle Media Gallery, click Add to Channel

3. You'll now be taken to your Kaltura My Media space. If you already have videos uploaded to Kaltura simply click the checkbox beside each video you intend to add to your Moodle gallery, then click Publish

4. After clicking publish, your video will be added into your Moodle Media Gallery making it available to you and your students at any time during the course, or during your specified publish times that can be configured when adding the video to your My Media gallery.

5. Your students can follow the same process to upload their media into the course's Media Gallery. One restriction they will encounter when adding a video is that their video will not be added to the gallery unless it is approved by the instructor

  • As the instructor, you will have access to the pending videos tab while in the course gallery, this tab will allow you to approve or reject media that students are attempting to add.

6. Any approved student media will be directly added into the course Media Gallery.

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