The Kaltura Capture desktop recorder enables easy video creation on your desktop computer with a fairly simple interface. It requires only one click to record, without complex setup or a lengthy learning curve. Kaltura Capture is supported on both Mac and Windows PC.

You can record:

  • two camera inputs at once*
  • one/two screens*
  • a camera and a screen
  • audio only

*This will depend if you have multiple monitors or cameras setup. 

Videos recorded with Kaltura Capture can be uploaded directly into Moodle or

Note: Kaltura Capture must be opened from your web browser to successfully upload directly because that's how it knows to upload to your My Media post recording.)

Video Tutorial

Installing Kaltura Capture:

Recording options:

Keyboard Shortcuts

Aside from the controls that are clickable on screen, here are a few shortcut keys you could use to control the Kaltura Capture desktop recorder.

PC/Windows - Use the Control key
Mac - Use the Command key
Control or Command+Shift+RStart or Pause Recording
Control or Command+Shift+SStop Recording
Control or Command+Shift+CCancel Recording
Control or Command+Shift+EClear all Notifications
Control or Command+Shift+MGo to Manage

The recorder bar will be visible in Full screen recordings. To hide the bar, you can minimize it and use the above shortcuts to control your recording. Alternatively, you could edit out the beginning and ends of your video post recording.

Creative Commons License

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