A narrated presentation is a recording of a PowerPoint presentation with voice-over. You can record only the presentation or presentation with a camera of yourself (so the viewer sees you and your presentation at the same time). Narrated presentations are useful for recording lectures and student presentations. Chapters and slides are automatically added to your video, allowing your students to easily search through your PowerPoint slides

You can record a narrated presentation directly from your My Media page. You will need the following for this project:

  • Kaltura Capture installed on your computer
  • Your PowerPoint presentation (in .ppt or .pptx format)
  • A microphone (to record your voice-over)
  • (Optional: a webcam/camera, if you want to record yourself)

Once recording is completed, you can upload it to your My Media library and embed it anywhere with the Moodle text editor. 

Video Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Open Kaltura Capture. 
    • First, login to Moodle. In the left side navigation menu, click on My Media.  
    • In the My Media window, click on Add New and then Kaltura Capture.  
    • If Kaltura Capture is installed, it will launch automatically. Otherwise, install Kaltura Capture on your computer.

  2. Select the recording options in Kaltura Capture desktop recorder.
    • In the recorder window, decide which options to leave on/off. You can record the screen (or multiple screens), a webcam and an audio source. In the image below, the screen and audio are enabled (will be recorded). 
    • Disable any options you do not wish to use by clicking on the icon (it will be greyed out with a line across it). 
    • By default, all recording options are turned on. 
    • For overview of recording options, please go to (VIDEO) Moodle My Media - How to select record options on Kaltura Capture.        

  3. Look over additional settings by clicking Manage

    Select the Gear icon and update any settings if needed. 
    Camera and screen recording is default to 720p which is good quality, if you would like great quality you can set it to 1080p. (However, it will take longer to upload.)
    The "Record system audio" option is available only on PC's and not Mac's. 
    Set "Auto-minimize when recording" to Yes to hide the recorder automatically once recording starts. (This also means you will have to un-minimize it when you finish recording in your taskbar.)

    Click Save and New Recording when finished.
  4. Open the presentation file that you wish to record. 
    • Open and put the presentation into Slide Show mode.
    • Go back to the Kaltura Capture recorder. (Shortcut: Alt+Tab) Then click, Start Recording.
    • A 3-second countdown timer will indicate when recording will begin. To ensure that nothing is cut from the beginning or end, it is a good a idea to wait an extra few seconds before you begin speaking.
  5. Record and navigate through your slides
    • Your presentation slides will automatically be captured as chapters and the text will be indexed and searchable later in the Kaltura player.
    • Click the slide to advance to the next slide or use the left/right arrow keys on your keyboard to move back and forth.
    • (Optional) In the recording menu, look for the pencil icon to open the annotation tools.
    • The annotation tool is useful to draw attention to or highlight slide's content.
    • Your mouse pointer and PowerPoint laser pointer will not appear in the recording, use the Cursor arrow in the annotation tools instead.
    • When you are done with the annotations, click the Pencil icon again to return to the cursor mode. 
    • Tips: Do a few test-runs before doing your actual recording. 
  6. Click Stop Recording to finish recording
    • Click the square icon to stop recording. It will prompt you to save the recording, click on Yes, Stop it.
    • Next to the stop button is the pause button. You can use the pause button to temporarily pause the video without stopping record. (Shortcut: CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+R)
    • Click the X to cancel and start again. 
  7. Name and save your recording
    • Give your recording a title in the Title field.
    • Optionally, you may add a description and tags. (This will help make your videos searchable in your My Media library later.)
    • Click Save & Upload will upload your recording to My Media and it will also save in the Kaltura Capture library that lives on your computer.
    • Clicking Save will save it only in the Kaltura Capture library on your computer where you can upload later to My Media.
    • NOTE: Clicking Delete will remove it from your computer. It will not go into your Recycle Bin and can't be retrieved. Make sure you have either uploaded it to My Media before deleting.

How to view your recording in My Media

  1. After uploading, go back to your Moodle site, click on My Media. (You may need to click on the refresh icon to see your recently uploaded video.)
  2. View the video recording. 
    • Click the title to view the recording
    • Chapters and slides have been automatically added. Click the 3 bars/hamburger menu located in the top left corner of the player window to open the panel.

    • Once expanded, the panel also includes the Search box. You can search for specific text and it will jump to that specific area of the video.
    • To close the panel, click the 3 bar/hamburger menu again.
    • If you have recorded with your webcam & screen, the player will show the multi-interactive viewing options (i.e. Toggle Views, Picture-in-Picture, Side-by-Side, and Single View). Look for the options in the top-right of the screen to toggle between the presentation and webcam view.

Additional Resources by Kaltura:

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