There are several key settings to keep in mind when creating a Padlet and at the end of a semester. Please review the suggestions below and consider incorporating them in your end of semester actions.

Creating a Padlet

When creating a Padlet, you'll be met with additional posting and content settings. Please take note that by default, anyone within the organization can access your Padlet if provided a link and can create a post as well. For information on privacy settings, please see the following article:

Privacy Settings for Padlet

Please also note the default settings of the following options when creating a Padlet:


  • Author and Timestamp - This means that anyone that has access to your Padlet can post without having their name or a timestamp attached to it.

  • Comments - Comments allow a user to place text below a Padlet post. If this option is turned off, comments will not be allowed.

  • Reactions - Reactions allow a user to place emojis or symbols next to a post. This option determines whether this is possible.


  • Require Approval - If this option is turned on, any post a student creates will require approval from the owner of the Padlet board before it is made visible to other participants. This does not affect the ability to make comments or reactions on a Padlet post if those options are enabled.

  • Filter Profanity - This will replace any profanity posted on your Padlet with emojis. By default this option is not enabled.

  • Remakes - This option allows you and other users of your Padlet to copy/duplicate the Padlet board and save a copy to their own account. They can re-use that copy without affecting the original board.

End of Semester Checklist

Please note that at the end of a semester, your Padlets are not hidden or removed as Moodle courses are. Depending on your privacy settings, students may be able to share your Padlet out with other students who are not in your class.

With the above in mind our recommendation at the end of a semester is as follows:

  • Change your Padlet's privacy setting back to Private to prevent any unintended visitors after the end of a semester

  • If you intend to use the Padlet with future students, use the Remake option to create a duplicate to share out with your new class each semester. See this article for information on remaking Padlets.

  • Depending on the type of activity you have used Padlet for, you may want to consider keeping a copy of your Padlet without any user content to use as a template each semester.

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