Staff or faculty with a role as host/co-host can record a Zoom meeting, which is then stored remotely on Zoom's cloud storage. It can be retrieved from the Zoom web portal by the recording owner, who can download and upload it to Kaltura My Mediaand share it with students. Only instructors (with role host) can delete the recording themselves. Staff hosts need to contact IT.

Follow the instructions to record a Zoom meeting:

  1. On your Zoom meeting window, click the three dots and select Record to Cloud.Click on Record to the Cloud
  2. You can pause or stop the recording from the control box at the top or by clicking the three dots on the bottom-right corner.Pause or Stop recording
  3. Once the recording is stopped, the host/co-host who initiated the recording will receive an email to access their recording from the Zoom web portal. Click on the link to access it (you might have to log in at KPU OneLogin to authenticate).

    Note: Depending on the length of the recording, it could take up to 24 hours for it to finish processing and getting an email.

    Click on link to access recording
  4. Download the recording file(s) to your computer.
    Download file
  5. If you see this pop-up window, click Allow.

  6. Upload the Zoom recording to Kaltura My Media (Instructions) to share it in your course for students to access it.