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"Created by 24 campuses in the Connect to Learning project, this site demonstrates and deepens the value of ePortfolio to higher education. It offers data, practices and strategies, showing how ePortfolio can advance learning, deepen pedagogy and assessment, and support institutional change."

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Documenting Learning with Eportfolios:  A Guide for College Instructors 

Documenting Learning with Eportfolios Book Cove

    "Documenting Learning with Eportfolios provides higher education instructors with a theory-topractice approach to understanding the pedagogy behind Portfolios and to helping students use them to recored and reflect on their learning in multiple contexts.   The authors outline a framework of ski critical iterative tasks to undertake when implementing eportfolios for student success.  Filled with real-life models of successful eportfolio projects, the book also includes guidance for faculty development to support the use of eportfolios and covers the place of eportfolios in institutional assessment of efforts.  Finally, the authors offer considerations for deciding on which technological tools to deploy in implementing a successful portfolio initiative." Copies available on loan from Learning Technology - contact Meg Goodine

Accompanying website with additional resources supporting the book Documenting Learning with Eportfolios: A Guide for College Instructors: link to site


Mahara Learning Wheel

LearningWheel a "model of digital pedagogy" that helps with curating resources around a specific subject area in a visual way. Jaye Ryan, a Senior Lecturer at Birmingham City University in the UK, "captained" this version of a Mahara wheel. (Psst... Note Lesley McCannell's credit at the bottom of the graphic.)

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This is the home base of the Mahara technology we use for eportfolios.   A variety of information on Mahara is presented here.   

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A create area on this site for teaching is in the Community Forums. One of the forums focuses on pedagogy and provides information that is helpful to Instructors using Mahara. 


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"AAEEBL is one of two global professional associations in the eportfolio field.  AAEEBL was founded in 2009 and, since then, eportfolio technology has grown in use in higher education globally to the point were millions of undergraduate students use eportfolios for much of their work.  Eportfolio is both a technology and a theory-driven idea.  AAEEBL's goal is to help higher education improve by adapting to new conditions wrought by technology regarding learning and the nature of work.  Eportfolio can support a transition to a new form of higher education."

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Field Guide To ePortfolio

 ePortfolios in Higher Education: A Special Issue of The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning"

We are delighted to announce the publication of “ePortfolios in Higher Education: A Special Issue of The Canadian Journal for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning”.

This special issue is guest edited by Matthieu Petit, Nicole Monney, and Christophe Gremion in partnership with CJSoTL-RCACEA Associate Editor Sawsen Lakhal. It contains work that originated from two symposia on the digital portfolio, which were part of an international congress on higher education held in Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2016, as well as submissions generated following an open call for submissions to the special issue. The articles included, in French and in English, provide studies from across Canada and Europe and focus on the implementation of the digital portfolio in different contexts and for varied purposes (i.e. for learning, assessment and professional development).