This guide will outline the next steps after adding a Big Blue Button module to your Moodle course. If you have not yet added a BigBlueButton module to your course, please see the following article: 

Virtual Classroom name

  • Provide a name for your classroom. This field cannot be left empty. Write a brief description of your class or leave it blank if you prefer. The description will be displayed on your course page if entered.


/ Room settings

  • Here, you can write a welcome message, and change the settings to wait for moderator (This restricts students from entering the room until a moderator has entered). 

  • If you want to be able to record the session, select the option" Session can be recorded."

(Note: This option will not cause the entire session to be recorded, you will still be able to toggle recording on and off while the session is active.)


  •  This is where you can add the students who are enrolled in your class. Select "Add" when participants are chosen.

  • By default, all of your students will be able to join BBB sessions unless the "All users enrolled" option shown below is changed.

 Schedule for session

  • You can specify a time limit to join the session for the students. In order to do that click "Enable" when you have chosen a date.


  •  Click the "save and display button" to save your changes and continue to the next page to join the session. Any recordings taken of the session will appear on this page.

  • Click "Join Session" when you are ready to start.
  • You will now be entered into the room.

For more information about BigBlueButton recordings, features and navigation, see the following links below

BigBlueButton Features: 

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