Backing up a Moodle Course

1. Click the gear icon near the top header

2. Select Backup under course settings

Full backups of all your content:

(Note: For a partial backup of selected items, skip this step and refer to the next one below)

  • Click Jump to the final step to initiate a full backup of all content

(Note: Leave IMS Common Cartridge 1.1 unchecked. This would only be used if you were moving your Moodle content into another learning management system)

Partial backups of selected items:

  • Uncheck the items you do not want to be included in your backup
  • Click Next 

Schema Settings

  • Deselect any activities you do not wish to backup and then click Next.


Confirmation and Review

  • This step walks you through what is being backed up. Once you have confirmed what is included in the backup, click "Perform backup". You will see a progress indicator and then a confirmation message if your backup was successful. 

(Note: If the backup does not complete successfully, please note the error message and report it to the IT Service Desk)


Confirm your successful backup and download and save your backup file.

  • Click Continue when you see "The backup file was successfully created." (Note: If the backup was unsuccessful, note the error message and contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.)

  • Once the process completes, the backup file is found under the "User Private Backup Area" header. You will be able to click on "Download" and save your backup file on your local computer, network drive or USB stick

(Note: Typically files are saved to a Downloads folder but this depends on how you have your browser preferences set up. You will want to save your downloaded file somewhere you can find it easily the next time you teach your course)  

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