What is WordCards? Each card contains a set of words/phrases and matching definitions. It is automatically graded. 

  1. Click Turn edition on
  2. Click Add an activity of resource

  3. Select Poodll Wordcards

  4. Enter the title, set the target language and choose the activity type.

  5. Click Save and display

Adding words

1. Click on the Words Admin tab then click Add new button to add the words. 

2. Enter the term (word) and add the definition. You can also select the voice and add audio and images. Then click save changes. 

  1. Definition check – List of new words and definitions are in a card. Each card has a checkbox that the student must check. (When all the cards are checked, the continue button will activate, and the student can proceed to the next step)
  2. Practice– Students will practice with a sample of the new words that were introduced in the activity. 
    1. Choose the Answer: The student chooses the correct word that matches the definition from the list. 
    2. Type the Answer: The student types the word that matches the given definition using the keyboard or selecting letters. 
    3. Listen and Type: The student hears the word, and they can either type the word or select letters from the onscreen keyboard. 
    4. Say the Words: The student sees the word and speaks them aloud. 
    5. Listen and Choose: Listen to the word, and the students select the correct answer. 

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