What is Solo? Free speaking activity that grades automatically.

  1. Click Turn edition on
  2. Click Add an activity of resource 
  3. Select Poodll Solo

  4. Enter the title and add a speaking topic. Also, you can change the time limit under the speaking targets tab. 
  5. Setting auto-grading: under attempts and Auto-grading, tick enable auto-grading checkbox.
    Manual grading:under attempts and auto-grading, tick-off enable auto-grading checkbox 
    (The rubric can be used to grade the activity)
  6. Click save and display



Students can see the speaking topic, target time, tips, and target words. They can prepare for the speech.


Students should record their speech and try using the target words to get the most marks.


Students can listen to their own speech and type out the transcript.


Students see an automated analysis of their speech.

4 important steps: 

  1. The instructor provides the topic for students to deliver a speech
  2. Students record themselves speaking
  3. Students transcribe their own speech
  4. Students review their recordings based on an automated assessment 

How to grade the speech? 

Go to Grades tab -> click Grade under Actions column -> Click Grade entry and choose the mark and leave the feedback -> save changes 


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