Students who do not agree to the consent notice for using Hypothesis must be restricted from accessing it. This guide will cover how to add a Hypothesis activity and how to restrict access to it. 

For information regarding how to add the consent notice to your course, please follow this guide:

Adding a Hypothesis Activity

After the Hypothesis consent notice has been added to your course, you can start creating Hypothesis activities.

  • Start by turning editing on, then click "Add an activity or resource"  in the section you would like to add the activity to.

  • From the list of activities, click "External Tool" and add it to your course.
  • You can set the Activity Name to anything you'd like, this is what students would see and click on to access the activity.

  • Click the option for "Preconfigured Tool" to open a drop-down menu. From this menu, click the "Hypothesis" option. 

  • Scroll down to the "Restrictions" heading and click on it.

  • Click "Add Restriction". From the options available, click "Grade" to set up a restriction based on the grade received from the consent notice.

       (Note: While it is basing the restriction off of a grade, the quiz itself should automatically be weighted as 0% and will not affect students grades if it was downloaded from this article. You can confirm that it is weighted as 0% by viewing your Gradebook Setup.)

  • Ensure your restriction is set up where students Must match a Greater than or equal to grade of 100 in the Hypothesis Consent Notice quiz.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save and Return to course"

You should now see a restriction added to your Hypothesis activity on your main course page. You can verify whether students are restricted from using the activity by switching your role to a student and attempting to use it (Click your name in the top-right corner, Switch role to, Student).

Restrictions must be configured this way for each Hypothesis activity that is added to a course. The Hypothesis Consent quiz only needs to be added to a course once.

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