This guide will cover the steps needed to export your books from Pressbooks and embed them onto your Moodle site for viewing or editing purposes.

Exporting your Book

1. The first step is to export your content from Pressbooks. Sign into Pressbooks and access your book from the "My Books" tab.

2.  After accessing your book, click in the "Export" button in the navigation menu on the left side of your page.

3. On the export page, you'll see various formats you can export your book into. In order to embed your book onto Moodle, you will need to ensure the "Common Cartridge with LTI links (Moodle)" option is selected. Once this option is checked, click the "Export your Book" button.

4. Under the "Export your Book" button, you'll see an area called "Latest Exports". Any time you export a book, you will find the file in this area. Click the download button next to the export file you have just created.

(Note: The file will be downloaded to the default download location on your device)

Adding your Pressbooks content to Moodle

The next step in this guide is to transfer the exported file we created onto Moodle.

1. To start, navigate to the Moodle course you would like to embed your Pressbooks content into and click the gear icon located in the top-right side of the page. This will open a drop-down menu, click the Restore option from this menu.

(Note: You will need editing access to a Moodle course in order to perform these steps.)

2.  After clicking Restore, you will be taken to the "Import a Backup" section of Moodle, along with a box to upload files. Drag and drop the export file from your device into the import box, then click the Restore button when the file finishes uploading.

3. On the Confirm page, click the "Continue" button.

4.  Scroll down to the "Merge into this course" section and ensure the "Merge" option is selected, then click Continue

(IMPORTANT: It is important that the "Delete contents" button is not selected as this will wipe all course content)

5. Scroll to the bottom of the Restore Settings page and click Next

6. The Course Settings page will allow you to remove any chapters from the book that you do not want to include. Uncheck any chapters that you do not want, then scroll down and click Next

7. The Review page will allow you to confirm each chapter being brought into your Moodle course. After confirming that it contains everything needed, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Perform Restore

After a short amount of time you will receive confirmation that the restore has completed. Click the Continue button to proceed.

Your book will now be embedded into your Moodle course. Each chapter will be added to the next section or week of your course. When your students access a book, they will automatically have a Pressbooks account created for them and will be assigned the subscriber role. To allow your students to edit your book, you will need to provide them editing access on Pressbooks.

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