Recommendations Regarding the Use of Padlet at KPU


  • Avoid asking students to submit the information that a reasonable person would view as potentially controversial or sensitive in a form specific enough to identify the person (i.e. personal political views / personal religious views / medical experience or information/details of considerable stress or trauma experienced)
  • Avoid asking students to submit voice recordings or videos of themselves and posting them on Padlet.
  • Have a meaningful discussion about how to anonymize third party personal information online.  Give students the opportunity to discuss strategies to protect other people’s personal information.  For further support discussing privacy concerns with your students in your course, contact
  • Padlet’s privacy policy asks users to exercise caution when sharing personal information on this platform. 
  • KPU now offers Padlet Backpack Gold for all students that need this service, which facilitates the use of Padlets for all users that can only be seen inside KPU. KPU will not be responsible for any third parties’ personal information on Padlet when collaborating with external parties through COIL projects or other multi-institutional projects. Ensure you are using a KPU Padlet account instead of a publicly available Padlet account. 
  • For further support managing learning experiences in Padlet, contact to receive support.  For further questions regarding the appropriate management of student personal information within this guideline, contact