KPU Faculty and instructional staff need to explain that the students are not required to register for the service or submit identifying information about themselves.


Recommendations Regarding the Use of Padlet at KPU


  • Avoid requiring students to register for Padlet or identify themselves within this service.
  • Avoid asking students to submit the information that a reasonable person would view as potentially controversial or sensitive in a form specific enough to identify the person (i.e. personal political views / personal religious views / medical experience or information/details of considerable stress or trauma experienced)
  • Avoid asking students to submit voice recordings or videos of themselves and posting them on Padlet.
  • Avoid assigning course grades to information that students post to a padlet unless that grade is a general participation grade and the students have the means to post anonymously or at least anonymized from each other and padlet (using an alias confidentially submitted to the instructor).
    • If students will be receiving participation grades based on materials submitted to Padlet, provide an alternative assignment to students who are not comfortable with submitting information that could indirectly identify them outside of Canada.  
  • Review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy with the class and provide time for a meaningful discussion about how to anonymize personal information online.  Give students the opportunity to discuss their concerns.  If you need support discussing privacy concerns with your students contact for support.
  • Padlet’s privacy policy asks users to exercise caution when sharing personal information on this platform. 
    • Public and Secret padlets may be accessed by third-party external individuals without the instructor or students’ knowledge.
    • Password-protected padlets provide some privacy protection but they will not be authenticated to KPU systems.  Providing a password for a padlet through email will allow students to forward that password to third-party external individuals without the instructor or other students’ knowledge. 
    • A Private padlet offers the best privacy protection but all users are required to register with Padlet. 
  • If students are required to register, directly identify themselves, or have a substantial risk of identifying themselves through what they submit within Padlet, contact to receive support on how to manage compliance with FIPPA.