Accessing PebblePad Supports

PebblePad has built-in supports accessible directly within the platform.  

Note: You must be logged in to your PebblePad account to access the following help and supports.

There are several methods in which to obtain support and locate helpful information within PebblePad: 

PebblePad Community: 

Community for all PebblePad users to share and to seek support, and subscribe to the PebblePad digest  

In-Depth Help: 

Comprehensive index of PebblePad resources, including video tutorials, a glossary of terms, and FAQ’s 

Learning Centre: 

Inbuilt resource of video guides to using both basic and advanced features of PebblePad 

Submit a Support Ticket: 

Log an issue or question with the PebblePad support team 


To access any of the above built-in supports 

1. log in to your PebblePad account and click on the menu on the left of the top of your screen (three vertical lines, or the “hamburger menu”) and then click on “Help and Support: Learning Centre and In-Depth Help” to expand the support options available  

PebblePad Help and Support Menu 

2. Select the built-in support option you would like to access, including Community, In-Depth Help, Learning Centre, and Submitting a support ticket 

PebblePad Help and Support Menu [EXPANDED] 

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