Once your Mattermost team has been set up, you will need to invite your learners to create an account on Mattermost and join the team.

The easiest way to do this is to send your learners a special invitation link that will bring them to an account creation page. Once they create their account, they will automatically be added to your main team channel.

To find the invitation code, log into Mattermost. In the top left next to your image avatar, you will see the Main Menu hamburger icon. Click on that and a drop down menu will appear. Click on Invite People.

Invite People

Click on Copy Link and then send the link (via email) to whom you wish to invite to access your Mattermost channel. They will be led to signup for an account, if this is their first time using Mattermost at KPU.Copy Link invite

Alternatively, if you have just set up a channel, you can also access the Team invitation code from inside your new Mattermost channel using the Invite others to this team link.

screenshot of Mattermost invite others to this team link

After clicking on the invite link, they will be taken to a sign-up page that looks like this.

Screenshot of Mattermost account creation page

Once they create an account, they will be redirected into your Mattermost default team channel. As the Team administrator, you will see a message from System within the channel that the student has joined the team.

Screenshot of Mattermost inside the application what it looks like when someone successfully joins a channel.


Source: Adapted from https://opened.ca/community-resources/mattermost-support/getting-people-into-your-mattermost-team/.