Below are some of the known issues with PebblePad (learning journey platform) and are being looked at. Please use the T&L / IT joint service portal to report any abnormalities. 


Sharing assets or resources with students before they have created a PebblePad account


The problem: Reports of users being locked out as "external users" if they view another user's shared assets or resources before creating an internal account. Affected accounts require a reset before users can create an internal account. 


An "External user" error will display.

The workaround: Do not share assets or resources with KPU users who have not yet created their account


Collaboration feature (multiple issues reported) 


The problem: Users who share assets or resources via the collaboration feature have reported various issues, including not being able to collaborate in real-time, assets and resources being locked, multiple copies being created inadvertently, not being able to access the asset or resource, and once a user is added as a collaborator there is no method for removal of permissions.  


The workaround: For collaborative projects, the following two methods are suggested:


  1. Curate content collaboratively outside of the PebblePad platform (OneDrive is an excellent KPU supported tool that could be used). Designate one member to create the asset or resource in PebblePad and add the content when it is ready 
  2. Create one ePortfolio for the group but include multiple pages. Designate one page for each contributor to work on