You can schedule a Zoom meeting using your Internet web browser. Follow the instructions below:

1) Sign in to the Zoom web portal on your internet browser using KPU OneLogin (single sign-on).

2) Once logged in, click the Meetings tab from the left-side panel.

3) Click Schedule a Meeting on the top-right corner.

Click Schedule a meeting

4) This opens the Schedule meeting page with different options to choose from:

  • Change the meeting name under Topic or leave as default.
  • Set the date, time and duration of your meeting.
  • Option to select Recurring meeting if the meeting is recurring.
  • For security reasons, a Passcode is generated that's included within the invite link below, so the students just need to click the link and log in with KPU OneLogin to join the meeting.
  • Option to enable the Waiting Room allows the host to admit attendees one-by-one, or hold all attendees in the waiting room and admit them all at once.
  • Option to turn on/off the host or participants' Video when entering the meeting. By default, they're off for privacy.
  • Good idea to leave the Telephone and Computer Audio option checked so the attendees have the option to join the meeting with either Telephone (dial-in) or Computer Audio.
  • Calendar option set to Outlook.
  • Option to set additional options under Advanced Options.

    When finished, click Save.

Schedule meeting options

Click Save

5) Copy the Invite Link and paste it in your Moodle course. (More instructions: How to invite students to your Zoom meeting?)

  • Invitees will have to click on the link to join the meeting (no passcode required).
  • Alternatively, they can also join with only the Meeting ID (no passcode required).
  • KPU OneLogin is required for authentication regardless of how attendees join.

Copy invite link