Tired of constantly navigating through MS Teams between multiple conversations? Using the built-in Pop-out function is a great way of managing your screen space and keeping easy tabs for ongoing chats between multiple users. A recent implementation from Microsoft Teams now allows all Chats, Calls and Meetings to pop out in a new window.

To use this feature, enable it through the Settings menu.

Open Settings.jpg

Navigate to the General tab if that is not the default menu. Then enable the Turn on new meeting experience (New meetings and calls will open in separate windows. Requires restarting Teams.)

New meeting experience.jpg

Restarting MS Teams is required for this function to be enabled. Completely exit Teams through Quitting under the task bar.

NOTE: Signing out will not restart the Teams application.
Restart Teams.jpg

Once you have signed back on to Teams, all Chats, Calls and Meetings will now open in a new window.

To pop out a chat, there are 2 methods:

  • Select an existing conversation with a group chat or user, then click on the Pop-out chat button.

Pop Out Chat.jpg

  • The second method is to hover over the Chat window and click on the Pop out chat button.

Pop out Chat 2 revised.jpg

There doesn't appear to be a limit on how many pop out chats can be opened. Each pop out chat window can be re-sized to fully utilize screen space.

Multi Chat windows revised.jpg

 Enjoy the ease of accessibility!