KPU recommends that students make periodic backups of their ePortfolios by exporting them in LEAP 2A format. Save these backup files outside of the ePortfolio system so you can restore any files or artefacts you may accidentally delete or modify. 

Export in LEAP 2A Format

LEAP 2A is a specification designed to encourage interoperability among ePortfolio platforms and systems. Exporting in LEAP 2A allows users to import into another Mahara ePortfolio site or to another ePortfolio system which uses the LEAP 2A specification.

  • Click the Portfolios tab and select Export
  • Choose an export format: select Leap2A
  • What do you want to export: select all my data (or you may select specific pages or collections to export)
  • Click Generate export


  • The export process generates a zip file with all of your pages and linked files. You may rename this file and save it to a personal storage area should you need to restore items you may have accidentally deleted or changed.


Export in HTML Format

Upon graduation or transfer to another institution, you may also wish to export a standalone HTML site of your ePortfolio content. Follow the steps above, choosing the Standalone HTML website option. This will generate a zip file containing HTML files that you can open and view in a web browser.