If you're not able to sign in to KPU WordPress, probably you forgot your KPU password. Here is how you can reset your KPU OneLogin password:

  1. Go to the main WordPress login page. (https://wordpress.kpu.ca/wp-login.php)

  2. Click Log in with KPU OneLogin.
  3. Enter your KPU ID, leave the password field blank and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

  4. It'll ask you to send a password reset link to your personal email (on your KPU file) or answer the security questions if you have them set up. You can choose one of these options.

  5. If you're having difficulties resetting your password, call the IT Service Desk at 604-599-2116, and we can reset your password over the phone.

You can also check the password management guidelines (Instructions) to learn more about your PIN.

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