The Guide to Interactive App Selection (GIAS) is a resource created at the Teaching and Learning Commons to support faculty in making decisions about choosing applications that are privacy compliant and minimize the risk of information sharing for students, staff and faculty.  GIAS has been created to help you make these decisions and recognize areas of potential risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • What information is required to sign up?
  • Do students need to enter personal information to use the tool?
  • Is the data stored outside of Canada?
  • Are you downloading from the original app source?
  • Google the security risks of the app you are using.  Is the app privacy compliant and minimize the risks of information sharing for you and your students? 

A conversation about privacy and security at KPU 

Please watch this video explaining online security and privacy concerns with Peter Siermacheski, Director of Business Services and Robert Ball, Director of Information Security.

How do I learn more about privacy and security at KPU?

The KPU Information Security Awareness website provides KPU faculty with the resources and training required to be more “Information Security Aware” for both Home and Office.  You can find this site here at