Open Badges at KPU is supported by our partner CanCred. All badges issued in Moodle are also from CanCred and is only displayed if the user chooses to display the badge publicly. Moodle does not control any settings to have your badges display outside of Moodle.

In order to display your badges to your LinkedIn profile, there are a series of steps that need to be taken (outlined below).

  1. Click on the email, which you have received for your badge earned. 

  2. This should take you to the badge metadata on CanCred Passport, which you can choose to accept/deny the badge. At this time, click on Login to create an account on CanCred Passport (if you do not have an account already). 

    (CanCred Passport is a place where you can store all your digital credentials/open badges. You will also need an account before you are able to have your badge displayed on LinkedIn.) 

  3. If you do not have an account with CanCred Passport already, click on Create new account or Login with one of your social media accounts.

  4. Once logged in, you will be greeted by the dashboard. Check to see if all the badges you've earned from KPU are displayed in CanCred by clicking on the Badges section.
    If your badges are not displayed, ensure your KPU email is registered with CanCred Passport. (Accept any outstanding badges.) Click on My account and Email addresses. If your KPU email address is not displayed, add your KPU email address here.

  5. Click on Profile on the top menu. Then click on the badge you wish to add to LinkedIn.

  6. Click on the Social tab. Ensure that Badge Visibility is set to "Visible in Passport and can be publicly shared." Then click on the LinkedIn logo to share this badge.

  7. Click on Add to Profile.

  8. This will redirect you to login to your LinkedIn profile with the screen to add in licenses and certificates. Copy over the certification metadata to LinkedIn. Once done, click Save.

  9. Go to your LinkedIn profile and your certification should be added to your LinkedIn profile. 

Video Tutorial