Originally published on: June 24, 2019

Steps to Change Moodle from Topics to Tabs: Default format is in Topic Format 

1. Main Gear wheel (Top Right hand corner) – Edit settings

2. Select third item down – “Course Format”

3. Drop down menu gives options – Select “One Topic Format”

4. Set up your course in Topic format

EBooks as a Tool for Disseminating Course Content: 

Course Guide and EBooks (Content faculty have written to replace texts) – Students can print the entire package if they choose, or they can refer to it only online.  Can release a few sections or topics at a time to prepare students for experiences As a course guide which outlines expectations for assignments, grading rubrics etc (used to be printed in the print shop and students would have to buy it, now it’s online!)

Surveys Tool – Can get information about each student’s current skill level coming in to the class.

Pre-assessment anonymous surveys students complete to see where the classes current skill level is on topics/skills that are applicable to the class.  The results are also shared with the class so students can see they aren’t the only participant who may struggle with certain skills.  

Leslie McCannell and Christina Page – Professional Skills Development Workshop – Make a lot of assumptions with our students who are coming into our course. 

Google Forms 

Need to be aware of the privacy concerns as information is house in the USA. By utilizing code names you can protect the privacy and personal information of students.\ Students identify their code name, and then they will fill in the questions assigned about their journals. Can embed the Google Form right into Moodle.  

How to embed an html video/Padlet into Moodle (Video for Padlet and step by step instructions). Note: The same principles for embedding in Moodle can go with any video or resource you are considering embedding.

1. Go to the Padlet dashboard (main page)

2. Select the Padlet you want to use on your Moodle Course

3. Select the "three dots" or "more" link at the top right hand corner of the Padlet

4. Click Share or Embed Link

5. Scroll down and click "<>Embed in your blog or your website"

6. You will see a bunch of "HTML" so you can select COPY. 

7. Pull up your Moodle Course that you want to embed the Padlet and switch to "Editing on" mode on the top right hand corner "gear" picture

8. Scroll to any section you would like to embed the Padlet in and select "Edit Week" (top right hand corner of the section)

9. Under the text box where you have a few styling options for the text, select the furthest left button (an arrow that shows/hides advanced buttons)

10. Find the "" and click it. This will change all the content into "HTML formatting"

11. Click where you want to place the Padlet, and then either "CTRL V" or right click and select "PASTE". 

12. You can convert back to the regular formatting (get ride of the HTML coding!) by clicking the "" again. 

13. Click "Save Changes" and then scroll down to where you embedded your Padlet!

For KPU Faculty, you can also watch this video on how to embed a Padlet: https://media.kpu.ca/media/How+to+embed+Padlet+into+Moodle/0_0gcwk7ew  

Ed Tech Tool Checklist- How to select the best E-Learning Tool for your Classroom - https://infograph.venngage.com/pl/ge02Df58IRM