This guide will provide instruction on enabling self-enrollment in a Moodle course. 

Enabling Self-Enrollment

  • Enter the course you want to enable self-enrollment in

  • On the navigation panel on the left, click "Participants"

  • On the right side of the participants page, click the wheel icon above the "Enrol User" button.

  • From the following drop-down menu, click "Enrolment Methods"

  • Click the "Add Method" drop-down menu and select self-enrolment.

You will now be taken to the self-enrolment customization page. From here you can further configure how Self enrolment behaves on your Moodle site.

  • You can opt for a password to self-enrol with by setting an "Enrolment Key". Simply click the pencil icon or the text to type in your key.

  • You can also assign what role each self-enrolment will be given in your course with the "Default assigned role" section.

  • You also have the ability to set the duration of the enrolment when added through this method. After the specified duration has ended, the user would no longer have access to the course page.

  • When finished, scroll down and click "Add Method" 

Once you are back to the enrolment methods page, check to see if "Self-enrolment" is there. if it is, you have successfully enabled Self-enrolment in you course. if not, you may have missed a step in this guide.

You can now email the password to the users you want to enroll in this course.

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