Why is CaptureSpace retiring?

CaptureSpace was a white labelled product provided by Kaltura. Kaltura have decided to build their own desktop recorder instead. Hence, CaptureSpace will be retired.

When will CaptureSpace retire?

Support for CaptureSpace will end after the Kaltura upgrade, scheduled for July 27, 2019. After this date, you will no longer be able to upload directly to your My Media in Kaltura.

Will CaptureSpace be replaced by another tool?

Yes, CaptureSpace will be replaced by the Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder and will be available July 27 (after the upgrade). Learn more about Kaltura Capture.

Can I still record using CaptureSpace after the upgrade?

After the upgrade, users will no longer be able to open CaptureSpace from the 'Add New' menu in Moodle or on the front-facing portal (media.kpu.ca). However, you could still open CaptureSpace directly from your desktop and record but you will NOT be able to upload these videos directly to Kaltura. 

Does the new Kaltura Capture recorder provide the same functionality as CaptureSpace?

Yes, you will have similar functionality as CaptureSpace (if not, more)!

Will I still be able to access my CaptureSpace recording?

Any recordings created with CaptureSpace and uploaded to Kaltura will remain accessible in your My Media. However, any recordings not uploaded after the upgrade cannot be uploaded to Kaltura.

How can I upload videos recorded using CaptureSpace after it retires?

All videos recorded with CaptureSpace are stored locally on your computer. Launch CaptureSpace and click on 'Settings' to find out where the source file is stored on your machine. Then go to Kaltura via Moodle or the front-facing portal (media.kpu.ca) and click on 'Add New' menu to upload your media. 

However, we recommend you upload your media from CaptureSpace before it retires.

Should I uninstall CaptureSpace?

After you have uploaded all your media files or have installed the new Kaltura Capture Desktop recorder (once available) you can uninstall CaptureSpace.

How do I install the new Kaltura Capture?

Learn more about Kaltura Capture and how to install it on your own computer. The installation process is similar to installing the old CaptureSpace software. 

If you are installing Kaltura Capture on a KPU computer, this application has been whitelisted and you will be able to install without additional permission from IT. (This application will not work on thin-client.)

Where can I find additional help?

If you require additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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