Restoring a Moodle Course

  • Click on the gear icon near the top right corner
  • Select "Restore" from the drop down list 


Select a backup file

There are two options here

Option 1Your backup file may already be on the Moodle site. Scroll down the Restore page to the "User Private Backup area". Then click on "Restore"

(Note: Check the name of the file to ensure it is the correct backup, as there may be multiple.)

Option 2: If your backup file is NOT on the Moodle site, you will need to upload it by dragging and dropping your backup file to the restore area inside the dotted-line box. (Alternatively, you can click on "Choose a file..." and search for your file)


  • This page confirms the content in the backup file to be restored. There is no action here besides click Continue (at the bottom of page)


  • Choose Restore into this course

(Note: You now have two options for how to proceed.)

Option 1: By default, Moodle will have selected "Merge the backup course into this course". Doing so will keep all existing content in the course from before the restoration, then merge the content from the backup file with the existing content. To start fresh, you will want to use option 2 

Option 2: Selecting "Delete the contents of the existing course and then restore", will restore only the content that is in your backup and remove everything else that was in the course before the restore

  • After selecting an option, click Continue



Restore settings

  • Confirm the restore settings to include some/all of the activities, blocks and filters. By default, all the settings pertaining to your previous course are selected, and you won't change anything

(Note: Some options here are available only to administrators. These options are usually grayed out)

  • Once you've determined the settings to be restored, click Next


  • This next step allows you to select the specific activities you wish to restore or not restore. By default, all the activities from the backup is selected, and everything will be restored

(IMPORTANT: DO NOT change any of the course settings other than selecting what activities to restore or not restore) 



  • Moodle will perform the automatic restore process. Please be patient as this process can take a while, especially for large courses.

 (Note: The restore process normally pauses at 100% for a moment or two. Do not refresh the page, wait until you are prompted to "Continue")


  • Click Continue to enter your restored course. Review the content that has been restored. 

(Note: If the restore is unsuccessful or if you have any problems with the restore process, please record the information and contact the IT Service Desk for assistance)

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