Please find attached instructions on how to setup and use the ELMO MX-P in your classroom.

Using the ELMO MX-P Document Camera in a KPU Classroom

1. Set up the document camera.

  •      Raise the body while holding the operating panel.
  •      Raise the arm as indicated by the arrow.
  •      Raise the camera head. Set it horizontally.

2. On the document camera, slide open the cover to the power connection port.

3. Connect the power cable to the electrical plug on the side of the desk.

4. Connect the power cable to the document camera.

5. Locate the cables on the side of the desk.

6. Connect the HDMI or RGB cable on the side of the desk to the document camera.

7. Locate the controller panel on top of the desk.

8. Press the display "ON" button to turn on the projector display.

9. Press the laptop 1 or 2 button depending on the cable you used in step 6; HDMI or RGB.

10. Place the documents under the document camera lens.

11. The documents will now be displayed on the projector.

12. Reverse the steps in this guide to disconnect the document camera and shut down the projector.

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