This guide will provide instruction on how to annotate on PDF assignments in order to grade them and provide feedback

Marking a PDF Assignment

  • Select the assignment's page.
  • Click on "View or grade all submissions".

(Note: Choosing "Grade" from here will take you directly to the annotation page to grade it, choosing "View all submissions" will allow you to view more information about each assignment turned in.)

  • You can choose grading actions near the top-left corner to use before beginning the grading process, or jump right into grading.


  • Using the checkbox beside a student's picture and name, you can perform actions in bulk. The drop down menu below the student information panel will provide you with possible actions.


  • In the panel of students, click "Grade" to directly annotate and grade their assignment

  • The PDF file will show up, you can use the tools at the top to annotate the file, and the panel on the right to assign grades


  • The section below allows for grades and any feedback.


  •  Click on "Save changes" or "Save and show next" to continue grading the next student.

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