Moodle announcements will automatically be sent out as an email to your students, as well as being displayed in the forum itself. 

(Note: Students cannot create posts or reply to posts in an announcement forum. Please create a separate discussion forum to allow your students to post on a forum.)

(Note: The notification will not get pushed out to students when the course is hidden. Make sure to check the course visibility before you post the announcements.)  

Adding a post on a forum

  1. You can make an announcement by clicking Add a new topic.

  2. Provide the details in Subject and Message.

  3. Click on Advanced to review more options: 

  4. If you have not checked "Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay" under Announcement Settings, the announcement will be posted in 30 minutes. Afterwards, the announcement will be posted, and anyone subscribed to the forum will also receive an e-mail referring to it.
  5. Click Post to forum.

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