KPU has strict obligations under FIPPA relative to the collection, use, access, disclosure, storage, retention and disposal of personal information.  When a session is recorded in a video-conferencing platform, it creates a “record” that is subject to the privacy, access to information, and records retention provisions of FIPPA.

KPU’s Privacy Committee has developed guidelines on Acceptable Use and Best Practices for Video-Conferencing for Teaching and Learning


  • There are two ways to join the audio.

  1. When you start the session, Big Blue Button gives you an option to join the audio either by Microphone or Listen Only.  

    2. In the top-center of the screen, select the Phone Icon to join the audio. 


  • In the top-center area, select the Camera Icon to use a webcam. This allows instructors to visually interact with students who join the session.  

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