This guide will cover the process for recording sessions on BigBlueButton

  • To begin recording, you'll first need to join a BigBlueButton session that you are a moderator of

(Note: You can only record a session if the BigBlueButton module in your course has recording enabled. This option is enabled by default and can be found in the "Activity/Room Settings" when editing the settings of the module.)

  • Click the "Start Recording" button near the top-middle area of the page


  • After clicking the "Start Recording" button you will then be prompted to confirm whether to begin recording or not

  • After selecting yes, a red dot will appear and a timer will start counting to indicate that the session is currently being recorded

  • The recording can be stopped or paused at any time, and resumed when desired as well
  • In order to pause or stop a recording, click the button with the timer and red circle
  • To resume the recording, click the same button used to pause it

(Note: There will only be one recording video file per session, any pausing and resuming will remain in the same file, although the downtime between the pauses will automatically be eliminated.)

  • When the session has ended, the recording will be made available in the BBB module page, under the "Join session" button in a section named "Recordings"
  • Simply click the "Presentation" button to view the recording

(Note: It can take anywhere from an hour to half a day for a recording to appear, depending on the length of the session and how much was recorded.)


  • Your recording will now be ready for playback